I am excited about the opportunity to present at Kinect Energy’s 30th Energy Conference May 7-9th outside Minneapolis. The theme for this year’s conference is “Emerging Trends.” I will be speaking the morning of May 9th on “Regulatory and FERC Policy.” I see following topics as emerging trends in regulation and FERC policy.

1. Whether to price electric services based on the value those services (and the associated technologies) provide to wholesale electric markets.

2. Whether to revise FERC’s natural gas pipelines certificate policies.

3. How to coordinate federal and state electric policies. As FERC Commissioner LaFleur recently said, “[h]ow to address the interplay of competitive wholesale markets and state policy initiatives is one of the most important and complex issues facing the Commission [FERC] and the nation’s electricity markets.” ISO-NE, Docket No. ER18-619, Concurring in part on CASPR.

I welcome your thoughts on other emerging trends. Looking forward to seeing you at the conference. For further information about the conference, you can contact Roberta Lane, Kinect Energy Group, 763 543-4600, rlane@kinectenergy.com.

Bob Fallon, 202 464-1331, rfallon@www.efenergylaw.com